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Build Relationships and Boost Your Real Estate Business

Build Relationships and Boost Your Real Estate Business

Posted by NAR on 01/13/2023

The personal connection that a REALTOR® creates with their client is perhaps the most important part of the job. That’s why the National Association of REALTORS® offers a number of essential resources centered on building up your referral base and harnessing your relationships to create wealth and conquer your business. Each of these sources is carefully curated to include industry leading experts who’ve developed the absolute best strategies through years of trial and error. Check out the advice, tips and tricks from top producers—all designed to push you forward in your relationship-building.

Up first, from The Little Books collection, The Little Black Book: Relationship Rules to Live By for REALTORS®will quickly become your go-to source on real estate connections. Hundreds of REALTOR® leaders provide their invaluable advice on creating and cultivating individual relationships and business networks. Learn how to harness technology to manage contacts, the best ways to communicate and the vital do’s and don’ts of real estate networking. With its convenient and portable size, this handy volume is perfect for every real estate professional who wants on-the-go helpful hints.

Next up, Work by Referral, Live the Good Life! sets up the Working by Referral system, developed by Brian Buffini throughout his rewarding career. Learn from him and his co-author, Joe Niego, as this book takes you through their countless personal experiences, successes and lessons learned. This volume not only focuses on the journeys of the authors, but also includes stories from thousands of real estate professionals just like you in their journeys to referral success. Pick up Work the Referral, Live the Good Life! and start reshaping how you develop your real estate relationships.

Next come two interactive and customizable sources all about building your own referral-based business in the way that works for you and your real estate style. Work for the Referral, Not the Commission: A Workbook for Generating Referral Business will take you through the beginning steps in moving from a commission-based model towards a strategy that values personal relationships. With a step-by-step guide, goal-setting activities, advice from seasoned professionals (including personal experiences from the author, broker and educator Kimberly Offord), and an easy-to-follow 52 Week Planner, every REALTOR® will be able to establish a prosperous sphere of influence in no time. Recipe for Referrals: A Complete Planner for Generating Referrals is the second workbook by Offord and is an advanced planning guide for expanding your referral-based business and creating a strategy to flourish. Become an expert in referrals with an annual goal worksheet, tips on creating meaningful quarterly plans, and the tricks to identifying and capitalizing on important opportunities.

Once you’ve built a strong base of personal connections, you’ll want to learn the best ways to maximize the potential of those relationships. In comes the NAR webinar, How to Build Wealth From Your Existing Database. A 50-minute workshop filled with high-yield strategies from top earners, this webinar will become a cornerstone for every agent looking to boost their earnings. Learn not only how to start business relationships, but also how to dig deep and create long-lasting and robust connections that will last throughout your career.

Every REALTOR® knows just how important referrals are in building a successful career, and NAR is all about providing the information our members need to build fruitful relationships and fulfill career goals. Take advantage of the collective wisdom of the experts and check out all of these resources—available at Your Store in both digital and physical formats.

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