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Tips, Tricks & Tactics to Up Your Sales Game

Tips, Tricks & Tactics to Up Your Sales Game

Posted by NAR on 01/26/2021

Up Your Game with these Sales & Marketing Resources

Let’s face it, competition in the real estate market is intense and you need all the help you can get to set yourself apart. That’s why Your Store, the REALTOR® Store, offers an entire Sales & Marketing section devoted to supporting your business and all your advertising, social media, and staging needs. These resources are designed to help you promote yourself and advertise your services effectively in today’s crowded marketplace, especially in the essential social media and online advertising platforms.

Among dozens of Sales & Marketing products in the REALTOR® Store, you’ll find these great sales tools and must-have resources for both beginners and seasoned real estate professionals:

In Secrets of Top Selling Agents: The Keys to Real Estate Success Revealed, by Joe Sesso, get advice and tips from real estate superstars like Barbara Corcoran and Dave Liniger, and learn how each of them broke through to become a top selling agent. You’ll learn to change the way you approach your real estate business and find the formula you need for success.

What’s the most important activity in your real estate business? Prospecting. That’s why you need Fanatical Prospecting. In this book, Jeb Blount outlines an innovative take on prospecting and how to leverage strategies and tools that will fill your pipeline with high-quality opportunities to boost your bottom line. Discover the 30-Day Rule, the 5 Cs of Social Selling, The 7 Keys to Text Message Prospecting, The 3 Ps Holding You Back, and many more helpful techniques.

The Conversion Code, by Chris Smith, provides a step-by-step blueprint for increasing sales by capturing and converting online leads with a new sales script and powerful marketing templates. Among many other practical tips, you’ll learn how to engage with consumers more effectively online and how to leverage the strengths of social media, apps, and blogs to capture leads for less money.

Use Real Estate Advertising Made Easy, by Mary Ellen Randall and Jamie M. Edwards, as your go-to resource for creating ads. You’ll find thousands of mix-and-match ad combinations that will attract attention and create interest for your real estate business. Plus, grow your marketing skills through the sales strategies, checklists, and action plans included in the book.

Visit the REALTOR® Store's Sales & Marketing section to find these and many other resources to help you gain a competitive edge. 

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