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Community Engagement Strategies for REALTORS®

Community Engagement Strategies for REALTORS®

Posted by NAR on 05/01/2024

It’s no secret that real estate is a business built on relationship and engagement—especially in your own community. The more you can engage with current clients and connect with potential customers, the more positive effect you’re likely to see in your community and within your real estate business.

And, in an era when your online profile is as significant as your physical presence, you need tools to help you make the most of both and to forge meaningful connections in your community and amongst your clientele. That’s why the REALTOR® Store offers a number of essential, carefully curated resources from leading experts designed to help you actively engage with more community members and more potential clients.

1. The Little Black Book: Relationship Rules to Live By for REALTORS®

This small, but info-packed, volume covers the vital skills every real estate professional needs to build, maintain and expand relationships with clients as well as business contacts and networks. You’ll find expert tips and advice from fellow REALTORS® on topics like:

  • Relationship Philosophies
  • #1 Thing You Wish You Knew
  • Key Do's and Don’ts
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Best Advice You Ever Received
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Using Technology to Support Relationships
  • Networking
  • Essentials for Success

The physical version of The Little Black Book: Relationship Rules to Live By for REALTORS® is sold in packages of 5 and is also available as part of the The Little Book Series 8 Pack.

2. Social Media for REALTORS®: Digital Marketing (Digital Download) is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide designed to elevate real estate professionals' businesses to new heights. This tool offers practical strategies for marketing yourself and your business online, leveraging the hub and spoke concept to enhance efficiency and productivity. The guide provides in-depth, actionable advice, seamlessly integrating your current offline efforts with online strategies to gauge the true return on investment.

Social Media for REALTORS®: Digital Marketing (Digital Download) is part of the NAR Social Media for REALTORS® series, an easy-to-understand tool that can help real estate professionals like you take your business to the next level.

3. Justifying Your Commission

Use this powerful tool to help get paid what you're worth and ensure you're compensated fairly in today's competitive market. A detailed explanation of why there is increasing pressure on agents to lower their commissions and how to combat this movement is included, along with specific guides to showcase your value:

  • Home Sellers’ Guide with list of “151 Things Agents do to Sell Your House”
  • Home Buyers’ Guide with list of “152 Things Agents do to Help You Buy Your Dream Home”
  • Expired Listing Guide with list of “102 Things to help Your House Sell Faster”
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Guide with list of “120 Reasons to Use an Agent”

Author Michael "Soon" Lee, DBA, CRS, GRI, has been a real estate broker for over thirty years and has taught tens of thousands of agents how to develop an endless stream of new clients, become a world class negotiator and defend their commissions. Dr. Lee is the author of eight books and hundreds of real estate articles.

4. How to Build Wealth From Your Existing Database Webinar

Sometimes real estate professionals keep their focus outward rather than remembering to take advantage of the potential relationships they already have in their pockets—in other words taking a closer look at their existing database to search for business opportunities.

In this webinar, led by Jake Perkins, you'll learn how to start conversations with people in your database and move them through deeper phases of your funnel. Using these effective strategies, you'll come away with an objective, personalized and scalable process to help you turn your leads into committed clients.

5. The Conversion Code

In this essential book by Chris Smith, you’ll learn techniques to help you capture internet leads, create quality appointments and close more sales. Smith provides a step-by-step blueprint for increasing sales by capturing and converting online leads with a new sales script and powerful marketing templates. Among many other practical tips, you’ll learn how to engage with consumers more effectively online and how to leverage the strengths of social media, apps and blogs to capture leads for less money.

6REALTORS Essentials—Digital Product Bundle

This must-have, comprehensive 12-product bundle is designed to equip new and experienced real estate agents alike with cost-effective tools and strategies to help them achieve success in today's competitive market. Includes:

  • The New Agent Success Secrets Webinar featuring renowned expert Michael Soon Lee, Ph.D., CRS, who shares invaluable insights on what it takes to succeed in real estate, effective marketing strategies, lead generation techniques and more.
  • The "Little Book" Series 8 Pack featuring a collection of 8 essential guides covering topics such as professionalism, safety, marketing, international business, sales, relationships, successful habits, and technology—providing practical tips and advice from experienced REALTORS®.
  • The REALTOR® Advantage, Is Your Agent a REALTOR®? a brochure designed to showcase the value of working with a REALTOR®, highlighting the professionalism, honesty and expertise they bring to the real estate transaction.
  • 179 Ways Agents Who Are REALTORS® Are Worth Every Penny of Their Compensation is a detailed guide showcasing the many ways REALTORS® add value to their clients' buying or selling experience.
  • BONUS: 105 More Ways Agents Who Are REALTORS® Are Worth Every Penny of Their Compensation download is included in the bundle.

Stock up on the REALTOR® Store resources that can help you enhance your engagement skills and develop connections and relationships that can make a positive impact in your community—and on your bottom line.

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