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7 Little Books: Thousands of Business Boosting Tips

7 Little Books: Thousands of Business Boosting Tips

Posted by NAR on 07/29/2022

Looking to step up your game? The best strategies to progress in any field are learning from seasoned peers and gaining experience on the job. NAR’s “Little Book”Series combine both these approaches in pocket-sized books filled with bite-sized advice and invaluable information from experienced industry leaders and peers. Available as hard copies and online, these are the perfect tools for on-the-go advice and expert understandings. Gain the insights of thousands of practiced experts and advance your career by diving into the NAR’s “Little Book” Series today!

Each Little Book, despite its deceptively small size, brings big value and provides best ways to impact your daily business, and all include digestible and insightful sections like:

●Dos and Don'ts for Success

●Essential Habits and Practices

●Best Advice You Ever Received

●Insider Tips and Tricks

●The Number 1 Thing You Wish You Knew

First up, The Little Yellow Book: Successful Habits to Live By For REALTORS® helps you create foundational routines and practices for a prosperous career, with quick tips for your day-to-day and long-term advice for your whole career. Experienced REALTORS® pulled from their combined decades of work to provide you with insider information, top advice, and best practices to keep you fresh and ready to conquer your real estate journey.

The Little Black Book: Relationship Rules to Live By For REALTORS® covers the vital skills every REALTOR® needs to build, maintain, and expand relationships with clients as well as business contacts and networks. Includes sections on networking, interpersonal philosophies, using technology to support relationships, communication, and other essential advice.

The Little Orange Book: Sales and Marketing Rules to Live By For REALTORS® will help every business grow and flourish in the market. Compiled with advice from industry leaders and hundreds of NAR members, this book offers unique advice on generating leads, using technology to market yourself and essentials of client relationships—laying out easy-to-follow advice for your business to thrive.

Every REALTOR® has the unique and rewarding job of connecting with people and places and needs to know how to keep themselves, their clients, and their properties safe. The Little Red Book: Safety Rules to Live By For REALTORS® provides you with tools and information to help you protect yourself and your business. This volume includes invaluable tips on cyber safety, open houses, identity protection, and protocols to keep you and your clients safe.

For those looking to go green, The Little Green Book: Green Rules to Live By For REALTORS® is the volume for you! Created with support from the NAR Green Resource Council, you’ll find quick and easy ways to advance sustainability within your practice. This book includes information about green philosophy, tips on listing and selling efficient homes, fitting green habits into your life, and an overall look at the green industry and where you and your business can fit into it.

Hoping to expand your business expertise past state and national borders? The Little Purple Book: International Rules to Live By For REALTORS® provides you with key information about how the real estate industry impacts the global economy and how you can grow your business internationally. You’ll find advice on working with international clients, how to market globally and ways to access global real estate in your local market.

Last but not least, The Little Blue Book: Rules to Live By For REALTORS® packs a punch with advice from over 600 NAR members about the crucial principles that every REALTOR® should know. Covering topics such as how to deal with clients, the best business philosophies, foundations of business and real estate, and professionalism, this is the perfect cheat sheet for any REALTOR® who’s just starting out or wants a refresher.

Perfect for the busy REALTOR® on the go, these convenient manuals are available only at Your REALTOR® Store. Collect the entire “Little Book” Series or start with one volume that fits your needs best and start improving your business today!

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