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Communicating the Value of Working with a REALTOR®

Communicating the Value of Working with a REALTOR®

Posted by Karen Bebart, NAR on 02/02/2024

As members of the National Association of REALTORS®, you can call yourself a REALTOR® and know your commitment to serving your clients and communities. 

You go above and beyond, conveying your real estate expertise and leveraging local market data, ethically putting clients’ needs first, and volunteering in your neighborhood. It’s who you are. And while you know the value you bring, and the clients you’ve supported know it too, it’s essential to reiterate this benefit to consumers, especially now when there is misinformation in the media.

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So how do you do that? Start by considering all the touchpoints you have with consumers and then integrating value messaging that underscores your REALTOR® membership, your specialty training, your experience, local market insights, your commitment to the REALTOR® code of ethics and fair housing for all, your involvement in the community, and most importantly, how all that expertise helps and supports your clients.

Then work to integrate aspects of your value within those touchpoints. For example, if you have a web site, add or expand the “About Me” section or profile page, and be sure that it is written in a manner that is not only about you, but also conveys how your skills, knowledge, ethics, etc., ultimately help clients achieve their property dreams.

PRO TIP #2: Equip yourself with the latest insights and trends in real estate with the "It's a Great Time to OWN! Brochure" from NAR. This valuable resource is a must-have for REALTORS® looking to provide potential buyers, especially first-timers, with the information they need to make informed decisions in today's market. 

Some other consumer touchpoints likely include materials you distribute, promotions or advertising, profile information, showing off the REALTOR® R trademark, even email signatures are all opportunities to convey your value as a REALTOR®.

As a member, you have access to materials and resources in an array of formats to support you. Here’s just a few:

First – make sure that you continue to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Consider these products through NAR’s REALTOR® Store:

PRO TIP #3: Leverage "The REALTOR® Advantage, Is Your Agent a REALTOR® Brochure" to showcase your professionalism and commitment. This brochure, aligned with the That’s Who We R® campaign, allows you to communicate your values and the value you bring to clients, whether they are buying or selling. 

Next - on the materials you share with clients and potential clients, include the iconic REALTOR® R trademark- this underscores that you are a REALTOR®. It’s a great opportunity to initiate a conversation, explaining the membership mark, what membership means to you and again, how your clients will benefit. Trademark downloads and usage guidelines are here:

Third, NAR has an advertising campaign to consumers nationally, “That’s Who We R”, that supports the REALTOR® brand by helping them understand who REALTORS® are and their value. The ad campaign also develops and releases assets on a regular basis that you can utilize such as: print & digital resources, social media assets with suggested post copy, assets by topic, and content from media partnerships you can share or link to on your web site. Your starting point is:

PRO TIP #4: Elevate your real estate game with "The Little Blue Book: Rules to Live by for REALTORS® - Download." Packed with practical advice from nearly 600 NAR members, this resource offers a fun and light-hearted approach to mastering the instructions, philosophies, and rules that contribute to real estate success. 

Download NAR’s free version of the Photofy app to easily personalize and post a library of turn-key assets in a few taps.

And, wear your REALTOR® difference with pride on your sleeve – literally. The REALTOR® Team Store has licensed logo merchandise and attire - check it out:

PRO TIP #5: Unlock the secrets to structuring, organizing, and promoting your real estate business with "Straight Talk For Real Estate Success: 80 Tips for Structuring, Organizing and Promoting your Business" by Monica Neubauer. This book, authored by a seasoned real estate professional, provides 80 actionable tips to propel your business and personal success forward.

Remember – you are the REALTOR® brand, so be sure to communicate the REALTOR® difference and the value to bring to all the constituencies with whom you work.

About The Author

Karen Bebart is the Director of Consumer Strategy & Brand Advertising with the National Association of REALTORS®. In her role she oversees its national consumer advertising campaign, the strategy, creative and media channel mix, measurement, and also serves as staff executive to NAR’s Consumer Communications Committee. The ‘That’s Who We R’ ad campaign helps consumers differentiate the REALTOR® brand and understand their value and expertise. Prior to 2019, Karen was NAR’s Vice President of Marketing, communicating NAR programs and benefits to the REALTOR® family.

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