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6 Little Books, Thousands of Business-Boosting Tips

6 Little Books, Thousands of Business-Boosting Tips

Posted by NAR on 12/09/2020

What’s the best way to set yourself apart and avoid common mistakes?

Take the advice of others who’ve already been there! You can learn valuable lessons and gain insight into business success through the perspective and wisdom of seasoned practitioners. Hearing from experienced real estate professionals gives you information about what works and what doesn’t, and helps you steer clear of pitfalls.

Where can you find tips from thousands of REALTORS® in one place?

The Little Book series—a collection of six must-have resources! Written by REALTORS®, for REALTORS®, these mini volumes are packed with quick tips, easy-to-grasp advice and ideas big and small on all-important topics like career advancement, safety, sales and marketing, and relationship-building.

Why are The Little Books so essential for every REALTOR®?

They are like mini instruction manuals for success in real estate! Each book offers “rules to live by”—hard-learned, real-life lessons with sections like:

  • Key dos and don’ts
  • Best advice you ever received
  • Tips and tricks of the trade
  • Using technology
  • Essentials for success

What topics are covered?

The Little Blue Book: Rules to Live By for REALTORS® First in the series, The Little Blue Book sets the tone with a fun, light-hearted approach to useful, practical advice, including tips on professionalism, dealing with clients, and the #1 rule in business.

The Little Red Book: Safety Rules to Live By for REALTORS® NAR takes your safety seriously and this manual includes strategies to keep yourself safe in the field, with clients, at open houses, and in the office.

The Little Green Book: Green Rules to Live By for REALTORS® This manual is your guide to creating a more green business—from tips for running an eco-friendly office to listing and selling resource-efficient homes.

The Little Purple Book: International Rules to Live By for REALTORS® Interested in working with buyers or sellers outside the U.S.? Find answers to your questions among the nearly 100 tips from experienced practitioners in international real estate.

The Little Orange Book: Sales and Marketing Rules to Live By for REALTORS® Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, and this book gives you lots of tips and tricks of the trade, including the use of technology and social media to help you stay current and keep your sales robust.

The Little Black Book: Relationship Rules to Live By for REALTORS®  One aspect of the real estate industry that hasn’t changed is the importance of relationships, and this book provides advice on cultivating and maintaining key relationships for business success.

Where can you get The Little Books?

Available exclusively at Your Store, the REALTOR® Store! The Little Books can be purchased individually or in a bundle of six at a substantial discount. They come in a handy, portable 4.25 x 5.5 inches or as a digital download.

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