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​2023 Code of Ethics Products Are Here

​2023 Code of Ethics Products Are Here

Posted by NAR on 02/09/2023

2023 Code of Ethics Products Are In!

You became a REALTOR® to set yourself apart from other real estate agents, and your pledge to uphold the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is a key differentiator. It builds trust with your clients and potential customers and demonstrates your commitment to fairness, honesty, integrity and to conducting business with the highest ethical and moral professional standards.

Nab the latest Code of Ethics products to make sure you’re up to date on all the latest guidelines. All Code of Ethics products have been newly updated for 2023 and are available at Your Store, the REALTOR® Store to members as a free digital download or discounted physical version.

2023 Professionalism in Real Estate Practice Booklet

Hot of the presses, this newly redesigned booklet provides a concise and ready reference to the Articles of the Code of Ethics, the Standards of Practice and Case Interpretations. As such, it is ideal for helping new members understand their ethical obligations as well as a useful tool for grievance committees, professional committees and the board of directors.

The booklet features a narrative explanation of each Article, a brief synopsis of the Standards of Practice and Case Interpretations, and the REALTOR® Fair Housing Pledge, plus a tear-out certification for members to signify their commitment to Code awareness.

2023 MLS Handbook – Residential

This essential volume is designed to serve as an ideal guide for MLS and association staff executives and counsel, residential and MLS committee members and others. It guides REALTOR® associations in the operation of multiple listing services consistent with the policies established by the National Association’s Board of Directors.

The Handbook includes model enabling provisions for insertion in association bylaws authorizing establishment of a multiple listing service, and bylaws and rules and regulations for MLSs to permit optimum service and efficiency.

2023 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual

For use by Member Boards of the National Association, this manual helps to ensure due process in the conduct of hearings to enforce the Code of Ethics and in the arbitration of business disputes arising out of the real estate business.

It’s a must-have blueprint for board/association executives and board counsel, as well as a useful tool for members of the grievance committee, hearing panels and board of directors (or any real estate firm involved with an ethics complaint and/or arbitration request.)

The manual provides procedures for conducting REALTOR® association ethics and arbitration hearings and includes sample forms, information on mediation, multi-association Grievance and Professional Standards committees, and Statements of Professional Standards Policy to assist in the proper application of the Code.

2023 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Pamphlet

This newly updated pamphlet contains the Articles of the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice describing conduct expected of all REALTORS®. Add it to every new member’s onboarding materials and keep some on hand for an easy reference and refresher for everyone in the office.

Physical version sold in packages of 100.

2023 Code of Ethics Bookmarker

What could be handier than having the key elements of the Code of Ethics on a bookmark as a reminder of the oath every REALTOR® takes? Featuring the Preamble and Principles of NAR’s Code of Ethics, this valuable educational reference is the perfect gift or keepsake for members or clients in an easy-to-follow, portable style. Make sure you keep a supply on hand in your office—and your car.

Physical version sold in packages of 25

Fully educating yourself on the code of ethics is a helpful risk management tool and educate your clients on “The REALTOR Difference.”

Looking for more Information about NAR’s Code of Ethics?

A full array of newly designed products for 2023, including everything REALTORS® need to help fulfill the training requirement and conduct business with moral fairness and equality for all, can be found on the REALTOR® Store Code of Ethics section.

Newly redesigned and updated, this handy booklet provides a ready reference to the Articles of the Code of Ethics, the Standards of Practice, and Case Interpretations. You’ll find a narrative explanation of each Article, plus a brief synopsis of the Standards of Practice and Case Interpretations. This product is ideal for new member orientation, professional committees, as well as the board of directors.

Live by the code. A collection of materials to help you conduct business with a moral fairness and equality for all.

The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients' best interests.

Realtor ethics are guidelines to help strengthen customer awareness, trust, and legal practices in the industry. Ethical standards create consistency in the profession. They also make the consequences of ignoring these rules clear.

So, NAR has good reason to set ground rules for behavior in the profession. The Code of Ethics & Standard of Practice isn't an imaginary benchmark, but a meticulous ethical framework. It protects both buyers and sellers and makes sure that Realtors cooperate.

There are several common themes in the Code of Ethics that outline best practices for real estate as a whole. These themes include:

  • Honesty and fairness
  • Competency and integrity
  • Maintaining high personal and professional standards
  • Constant improvement
  • Community support and awareness

The REALTOR Code of Ethics: A North Store for the Profession

NAR's Code of Ethics is an aspirational guide for any real estate professional. With these clear standards, any real estate agent can develop trust with members of their local community. With focus and effort, these guidelines can help you grow your real estate agency or brokerage. 

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