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Technology in Real Estate

Technology in Real Estate

Posted by NAR on 03/07/2023

Technology in Real Estate

Every day, you rely on technology to help run your business more efficiently, more profitably and more competitively. But how can you be sure you’re investing your time and money in the right tech tools for today’s market and to set yourself up for the future? Turn to Your Store, the REALTOR® Store for essential resources brought to you by tech experts and experienced practitioners to help you stay on top of technology and ahead of the curve.


2023 Technology Trends Webinar

In this new webinar, NAR’s Emerging Technology team shares their insights about key trends for 2023 and how these cutting-edge technologies will affect the real estate industry in the coming year, including:

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence uses sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to make educated guesses about future behavior.
  • 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks providing enhanced connection and faster internet speeds.
  • Metaverse: Augmented and Virtual Reality is quickly changing how homes are searched and viewed.

This webinar is led by NAR’s Emerging Tech team directors Dave Conroy and Dan Weisman who focus on identifying and research emerging tech with the potential to enrich or disrupt the real estate industry.


The Little Silver Book: Technology Rules to Live By For REALTORS®

The Little Silver Book: Technology Rules to Live By For REALTORS® is the latest addition to the indispensable The Little Book Series. The Little Silver Book features dozens of tips, observations and easy-to-grasp advice from seasoned REALTORS® organized around topics like:

  • #1 Thing You Wish You Knew
  • How Technology Has Changed or Helped You
  • Key Do's and Don'ts
  • Current Technology
  • How Has Technology Changed How You Run Your Business
  • Best Advice You Have Ever Received
  • Unique Tips or Tricks
  • Essential Tools and Resources
  • Challenges in Using Technology

Add The Little Silver Book to your real estate library to help you achieve client goals with a successful strategy for implementing technology into your business practices. You might want to even stock up on this volume. One reader noted that “this is a great giveaway item for brokers to share with agents. We usually buy a pack each year to have on hand.”

This product is available as a digital download, as a physical version sold in packages of 5 or as part of The Little Book Series 8 Pack.

The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail

This thought-provoking book takes a deep dive into the ways that disruptive technology can affect business success and how it can bring down even well-managed firms, despite their best efforts. Supported by well-researched, real-world examples to illustrate his points, author Clayton M. Christensen thoroughly explores why established companies often fail when new technologies emerge. He explains how to avoid a similar fate and presents strategies for determining when not to listen to customers, when to pursue small markets at the expense of larger ones and other ways to ensure long-term growth and profit. If you’re interested in innovation and change management, you’ll find valuable insights into the challenges faced by companies when trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Professor Clayton M. Christensen was a Harvard Business School professor and the author of a number of bestselling books. He also co-founded Innosight, a growth-strategy consultancy; Rose Park Advisors, an investment firm; and the Christensen Institute, a non-profit think tank.

Now’s the time to up your tech game with these must-have technology resources from the REALTOR® Store. Stop in today!

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