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Generate Leads and Win Listings

Generate Leads and Win Listings

Posted by NAR on 02/18/2021

As every REALTOR®knows all too well, leads are the starting point of your business, and without a solid plan and a steady stream of quality leads, your bottom line will suffer. To approach this challenge, you need an efficient, cost-effective strategy that differentiates your business and helps you successfully generate, cultivate, and ultimately, convert your leads into buyers and sellers.

Thankfully, Your Store offers many exclusive products to help you successfully build a pipeline of leads and stay one step ahead of the competition. Turn to these resources to find easy-to-use ideas and strategies for setting goals, targeting your market, advertising effectively, and landing those listings!

Start with the 7 Streams of Lead Generation Success webinar, by Jeff Lobb, founder and CEO of SparkTank Media. You’ll gain an understanding of why it’s important to have multiple streams of leads, how you can leverage different sources of people, the significance of online vs. offline leads, and much more.

Millennials have become the largest demographic of homebuyers in the US. Are you mystified about the best way to get their attention and get them onboard? Check out the How to Reach Millennials Through Instagram and Snapchat webinar by Katie Lance, social media strategist and owner of #GetSocialSmart Academy. You’ll learn how to reach the next generation of homebuyers and sellers on two of the fastest growing and most powerful social media platforms. Topics include best practices, how to create a comprehensive strategy, and how to master the art of storytelling.

Michael “Soon” Lee is the author of eight books and hundreds of real estate articles and has written two indispensible volumes to help REALTORS® with generating leads and ensuring that you get what you deserve for compensation. In 111 Lead Generation Techniques, he gives you simple, effective, and low-budget secrets to finding more qualified buyers and sellers than you can ever use. And, in Defending Your Commission, Lee offers a comprehensive toolkit for understanding the downward pressure on agents to lower their commissions, specific ways to combat this movement, and how to get paid what you’re worth. Plus, you’ll find countless tips for working with sellers, buyers, FSBOs, and expired listings.

Visit Your Store, the REALTOR® Store,to find these and many other resources to help you generate leads and win listings. 

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