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Technology Webinars that Wow!

Technology Webinars that Wow!

Posted by NAR on 06/23/2021

Want to learn about current technology trends and the many ways new tech will impact the way you conduct business in the future? Looking for best practice strategies to successfully market a new development? Check out two top webinars created by leading experts to help REALTORS® expand their businesses. These webinars are produced exclusively for members and are only available at Your Store, the REALTOR® Store.

They’ll help you keep pace with the fast-moving market, be in the know about important trends, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

2021 Technology Trends Webinar

The Emerging Technology group at the National Association of REALTORS® created this webinar to explain what’s happening in the tech world and share their insights about how these changes and updates will affect your business, the real estate transaction, and the real estate industry in the coming year.

As a leading voice in real estate technology innovation, the Emerging Technology team tracks where the billions of dollars being invested in the real estate tech space are being spent and works closely with practitioners and tech companies to keep their finger on the pulse of all the changes. In this webinar, the team will walk you through key trends for 2021 and beyond:

Ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology is designed to do our thinking for us. Learn how today’s AI technology uses sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to make educated guesses about future behavior and how it could impact the real estate industry.

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. Find out how these faster internet speeds can help you earn more business and the ways this new wireless technology will affect how and where people live.

Looking to the future, both Virtual World and Augmented Reality tech will play an increasing role in our lives at home and at work. Learn how you can take advantage of this technology as it stands today and how it might be even more impactful for your business in the future.

New Development Marketing: How to Effectively Market Real Estate In an Online World

Nikki Greenberg’s webinars are top-selling products in your REALTOR® Store—and it’s no wonder! With her background as an architect and futurist as well as vast experience in innovation, branding, and design, she brings unique insight and expertise to the table.

In New Development Marketing, she does it again. This invaluable webinar lays out the challenges REALTORS® face when marketing a new development and discusses how to effectively capture and communicate your vision for the property. You’ll also get a handle on how marketing techniques differ from traditional real estate sales as Greenburg walks you through the process and addresses these topics:

  • Go to Where Your Customer Is
  • Increase Inquiries & Convert Leads
  • Leverage Your Data
  • Embrace Next Gen Technology
  • Converge Digital & Physical
  • Save Time... & Money

Watch NAR’s must-have webinars for the latest wisdom from those in the know. Visit Your Store, the REALTOR® Store and get your hands on these two winning webinars to help you fly by the competition!

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